Dr. Jaime I. Manuel, Jr. of DMMMSU-NLUC, and Dr. Eduard Albay, Faculty member of DMMMSU-SLUC, are among the 22 SUC alumni of Luzon whose success story of rising from poverty to academic success were featured in the forthcoming book published by the Commission on Higher Education titled: "Mga Kwento sa Likod ng mga Kwenta" (sub-titled "Dahil sa Higher Education Ako ay Nagtagumpay").

Below are some excerpts of the book:

On Dr. Jaime I. Manuel, Jr.: "From Laborer to a Chancellor... He worked his way through college by paid labor like planting rice just to pay his tuition and other fees. The hardships of life served as his inspiration to pursue his studies for he did not want his family to experience such. He came from a hard-up family but through perseverance, hard work and innate God-given intelligence, he made it..."

On Dr. Eduard Albay: "From Construction Worker, a Vendor to Instructor... Eduard worked as a Jollibee crew, tutor, vendor, and construction worker during his college days to support his education. He was a regional Topnotcher in the 2004 CSC Sub-Professional Examination. He represented DMMMSU in the "Ten Most Outstanding Students in the Philippines" search."

CHED will be publishing sequels of the same book. All other DMMMSU alumni who wish to share their "inspiring, success story" are enjoined to submit to our Office a one-page write-up for consideration by CHED.