07132017The DMMMSU and LGU-Naguilian jointly inked a Memorandum of Agreement establishing the "DMMMSU-East La Union Campus."

DMMMSU President Benjamin P. Sapitula said that this new initiative is in response to the need of LGU-Naguilian's constituents to quality education and the role of education to accelerate development in the municipality of Naguilian and its premises.

During the early years of its operation (2017-2019) until the Campus is well-established, the Campus shall be called DMMMSU- Naguilian.

Under the leadership of Hon. Mayor Reynaldo J. Flores, LGU-Naguilian will provide the initial site (at least 1 hectare) for the establishment of the Campus and, within a period of 3 years, provide an expansion site for the Campus.

by: Dr. Dr. Antonio O. Ogbinar